Where can we find Bright Line Eating recipes?

In general, here at Bright Line Eating, we find that the best way to create automatic long-term habits is to keep your food as simple as possible. This is especially true when you are just starting out. In some cases, people eventually feel the desire to branch out and try to incorporate recipes into their Bright Line Eating food plan. This is fine to do, but it goes without saying that this can cause instability and disrupted peace with food, especially for those high on the susceptibility scale. We recommend trying to avoid elaborate recipes for the first few weeks or even months of your program, until you feel like you’ve created a solid foundation of habits around your food.

If and when you are ready to look for some recipes, there are plenty of people within the Bright Line Eating community who have ventured into this realm already, and they have some wonderful insight about to how to make it work. You can check out some of their posts by searching “brightlinebites” on both Instagram and Facebook. You’ll find all kinds of meal examples, some simple and some a little more fancy. It’s a great way to get inspired!

Something else that people have done in the past is ask their fellow Boot Campers in the Facebook Online Support Community. You can get some wonderful ideas from others on this journey with you. You can also find some recipes in the “Files” section of your Boot Camp Facebook House. There is also the bonus of Katie Mae’s cookbook, which contains some fabulous recipes.

When approaching a new recipe, you will have to figure out the ratio for your fat, protein, vegetables, and fruit per serving. Each recipe needs to be designed based on individual ingredients and will depend upon what your specific meal plan looks like. For instance, if you are on maintenance, you may have a different ratio of protein to vegetables to fat than someone on the weight loss food plan. This, in part, is why we recommend you keep your Bright Line Eating meals uncomplicated in the beginning until you feel very solid in your habits.